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The Opel 1.6L Z16LET pistons are developed for mild to high tuning, mainly for road or club race cars that want to develop their engine for high mileage and/or street use. Designed by ZRP engineers and manufactured in Germany from 4032 (T6) high-silicon, low-expansion alloy. This allows the engine builder to run a closer piston to bore clearance thus producing a better seal. This minimizes the slapping noise during cold start, common place among engines running forged pistons, providing a quite operation and low oil consumption. We have chosen a Full round skirt design with bottom reinforcing band, with offset pins for quiet operation and the wrist pins are made from 9310 alloy. Other features include Anti-detonation grooves to protect the first rings, gas pressure accumulator groove for better ring seal and vibration relieve. Premium Japanese quality 1.00mm x 1.20mm x 2.80mm ring package included. Product Features and Design
  • Anti-detonation grooves for long wear life and performance
  • Gas pressure accumulator groove in the 2nd ring land for longer wear life.
  • Horizontal slots in the pin bore designed to allow oil to enter between the wrist-pin and pin-bore area.
  • Precision CNC machined ring grooves
  • 4032-T6 high-silicon / low-expansion alloy
  • Honed pin bores
  • Full Round skirt design with bottom reinforcing band for High HP/Boost applications
  • Pistons designed to optimize squish for longer engine life and increased horsepower potential

Optional coatings offered per request
  • Thermal barrier coating “Blast Off Bronze"
  • Moly Side-Skirt and Under-Crown coating “Stealth Black”
>Product Specifications
  • Bore Size - 79.50mm
  • Stroke - 81.50mm
  • Comp. ratio - 8.5:1
  • Comp. Height - 28.00mm
  • Rod CC - 129.75mm
  • Pin diam. - 19.00mm
  • Dome cc's - -5.6
  • Wrist Pin P/N - WP019
  • Material -
  • Ring Thickness -
Opel 1.6L Z16LER / LET ZRP Forged Pistons

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